"Being, becoming, belonging".

Section « pointe ».

CN and Chaleur trains come back in model form
to the Baie des Chaleurs!

The goal of this project is the creation of a model railway layout in the Almond Art Centre. 

This is a community-based project which will feature models of points of interest on the line between Matapedia and Gaspé, built with vintage American Flyer rolling stock. 

It is from its “Central Station” in the Almond Art Centre that this long-term project will take form. 

Sharing a love of the railways with as many participants as possible could even inspire and hasten the return of our train “The Chaleur” to the real Gaspesian tracks.

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Section « village ».

"We plan to make Duthie Point a site with a reputation and a draw that reaches far beyond our regional and national borders. We hope that from the very outset, that visitors and tenants feel enchanted by a place well thought out, well managed, inspiring, and expressing a simple, peaceful, esthetical and enchanting way of life. We also aim to demonstrate to our clients that the Gaspésie has always been at the crossroads of cultures as it continues to be today; a place where one feels at home, no matter where he or she may be from -  welcomed open-heartedly by this shared cultural and historic baggage." Danielle E. Cyr, President and Director.