"Being, becoming, belonging".

Section « pointe ».

A place for adventure and exploration - or complete relaxation.

Authentic encounters with the unique landscape and culture of the Baie des Chaleurs.

Enjoy a heritage experience in period buildings that can be rented by the day or the week during the summer*.

Explore the extensive forest trails on an eighty-two-acre site with 18 buildings, a former airstrip and pebble beach at the mouth of the Grande-Cascapedia River.

Enjoy displays and exhibitions of objects chosen from the site's collections - ranging from farm machinery and home furnishings to handmade household utensils.

Follow our yearly programme of cultural events highlighting the intercultural exchanges.

Discover the stories and historical importance of the site – Duthie Point having been originally occupied by the Mi’gmaq before being taken over by the Acadians, and subsequently the Scottish, Loyalist, English and Irish settlers.

*Duthie Point now offers some of its best-preserved buildings for summer tourist rentals: they range from the comfortable bourgeois Harvey house and the Willett five-bedroom fishing lodge to the more rustic Brown, Campbell and Ozzie Willett houses. For the adventurous there is also the chance of sleeping in the lighthouse.

Interior of the Harvey house.


The original Mi’gmaq name for the point is Nesue’g: which suggests the coming together of three to form a triangle.
The triangle formed by the Point has come to symbolise our mission to bridge between the three groups that have passed through it the Mi’gmaq and the French and English speaking settlers.

This is the heart for our new programming.

Portrait of a Mi'qmaq by Marius Barbeau 1914, MCH-CMH 26707


Site open all year - for walkers, snow shoers and  cross country skiers  - depending on the season. 

House rentals - May to October.
Animation and exhibitions - July to September. 

Annual membership cards:
Adult - $35
Couple - $50
Senior - $30
Senior couple - $40
Free for 18 yrs and under

Contact information:
351 Boulevard Perron West, New Richmond (QC)
581 886 1489

Accomodation 2022

Installation 2022
Fences and walls - exclusion and inclusion.

Installation of a large format "material poem" in situ :

"Sitting on the fence"

A social sculpture by Philippe Garon and Leonard Jordaan with Patrick Dugas.


Section « village ».

"We plan to make Duthie Point a site with a reputation and a draw that reaches far beyond our regional and national borders. We hope that from the very outset, that visitors and tenants feel enchanted by a place well thought out, well managed, inspiring, and expressing a simple, peaceful, esthetical and enchanting way of life. We also aim to demonstrate to our clients that the Gaspésie has always been at the crossroads of cultures as it continues to be today; a place where one feels at home, no matter where he or she may be from -  welcomed open-heartedly by this shared cultural and historic baggage." Danielle E. Cyr, President and Director.